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Does Men’s Sexual Desire Decrease with Age?

Men lose their libido, and it’s natural to feel a bit bummed out about it.

Most men maintain at least some amount of sexual interest throughout their life. However, the level of that interest typically declines after age 40.

In fact, sometimes a lack of sexual desire may be an indication that there’s something else going on. You might want to get checked out.

Depression, stress, alcoholism, illicit drug use, and fatigue often can be factors in the loss of sex drive in men.

Some cases are caused by a decrease in male sex hormones because of an endocrine disorder. In some cases, loss of sex drive is a side effect of medications.

If you are concerned that your libido is waning, ask your doctor what to do.

You’ll likely see your physician, take a physical examination, and undergo lab testing to find out what’s causing the loss of sex drive.

What is Testosterone?

You may have heard of testosterone, but you might not know exactly what it does or how it works. It’s a hormone that helps regulate many things in your body, such as growth, mood, energy levels, fat metabolism, sexual desire, and more. Testosterone helps build muscle, and it can also reduce body fat and maintain healthy bones. It plays an important role in the growth of sperm and prostate tissue. Testosterone levels can be measured through blood tests, which are done by your doctor.


When you’re experiencing a lack of interest in sex, your doctor can suggest treatment options.

Some examples are:

  • Loss of sex drive can be caused by a number of reasons, including stress and depression. Seeing a counselor, alone or in combination with medication, might be helpful.

Some medical conditions, such as sleep apnea, can cause low testosterone levels. It is possible to reverse the low testosterone level and improve sex drive by treating sleep apnea.

A reversible cause for low testosterone levels hasn’t been identified, but you might benefit from taking testosterone replacement therapy. This can raise your testosterone level and restore your libido.

If you feel that a certain medication is contributing to your lack of sexual drive, your doctor might suggest that you take a different medication.

Most people have a hard time discussing their sex lives with their doctors.

And you shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk to your doctor about a loss of sexual desire.

Your doctor will help you find the right treatment for your low sex drive, and you will work with him to find the right medication or treatment plan to help you fix your low sex drive.


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