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Four (4) Tips to Better Sex – Condition Your Body and Your Mind

The benefits of better physical conditioning are presented daily in the media. The social norms for body image are influenced every day by what we read and view, either on TV or the internet.

Yes, primary motivators to better conditioning are improved health, decreased healthcare costs, increased energy, and heightened self-image. Perhaps the number one reason to get in better shape is found in the bedroom.

Here then are mind and body tips that can lead to better sex:

Start Eating Differently

Eating Healthy for Better Sex - Nasty Desire Magazine

Notice this does not say “lose weight” or “go on a low carb diet”. It says Eat Differently. This means two things. One is portion control and two is meal frequency.

Portion Control

Simply put most of us eat too much. That, in part, is a function of how much we are served either at home or while eating out. Many of us grew up with parental instructions to be members of the “clean plate club”. What we did not know was that eating everything on our plates, given the portions that we are served, is making us fat! Eating to a holiday meal coma state (think Thanksgiving) is not healthy and will put on weight. Conversely eating until you are satisfied and then putting the fork down will yield dramatically different results. It’s not about banishing all the food you enjoy from your diet. It is about learning to moderate the amount of food you eat. This leads to the next point.

Meal Frequency

So if you are eating less at these meals won’t you get hungry? Yes, you will. This means you will need to eat. Experts in diet and nutrition suggest eating 5-6 times per day. The pattern would be:


Mid-morning snack


Mid-afternoon snack


Post-dinner – snack/dessert

When combined with the Portion Control rule you will train your body to eat less at one sitting, your body will expect smaller increments of food more frequently, and the end result will be weight loss. This statement assumes that your 5-6 meals are not comprised of cheeseburgers, french fries, and chocolate shakes! Eating more fruits and vegetables and following a low-fat diet is a great start. The Eat Differently suggestion still incorporates sound dietary principles such as limiting the amount of fat, carbs, sugar, salt, etc.

What is the net effect on sex? Simple really – eat better, lose weight. Less weight stimulates the sex hormones.

Workout For The Pelvic Region

Workout For The Pelvic Region For Better Sex - Nasty Desire Magazine

Activity that sends increased flow blood to the large muscle groups gives the genitals better circulation. This means working the thighs, buttocks, and pelvis. The exercises that can accomplish this are as simple as a brisk walk (20 minutes per week), yoga, cycling, Pilates, and jogging. The result of this increased circulation is better arousal and better orgasmic function. As always you should consult you, doctor, before engaging in any exercise regimen. The primary byproduct of this exercise will be a return of sexual desire.

Reduce Stress

Stress, arguing and having marriage problems can all affect your sex life - Nasty Desire Magazine

One of the best ways to kill sex is being overstressed. How can you perform when the demands of the job and family are creating havoc on the brain? Three great stress reducers:

Breathing – yes breathing. Deep, relaxing, purposeful breathing. It oxygenates the blood and wakes up the brain.

Exercise – there’s that word again. Singularly one of the best stress reducers there is.

Music – when dealing with stress, the right music can actually lower your blood pressure, relax your body and calm your mind.

Stop Buying What The Media Is Selling

Buying into the image that the media is selling you is hurting your sex life - Nasty Desire Magazine

Paris, Angelina, Nichole. What do they weigh? How much should they weigh? What do they eat? These are the headlines of the mass media every day. They have the potential to pollute the mind into believing that the body image of the “stars” should be our body image. True sexuality is found when you and your partner allow yourselves to abandon the stereotypes. If either partner is worrying about a bulging this or a sagging that how can sexual intensity be realized? Condition your mind to accept your body as it is. Body image can be more destructive to sex than many other factors.

While not a complete list of suggestions to improve your sex life, the preceding tips should improve your health, reduce your stress, and in turn make your sex life more fulfilling.

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