Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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The Hunk at the Grocery Store

I don’t always look over the other men while I shop for my weekly groceries. But, when I do what can I say, I do (sometimes) get hard.

So, on this day I find myself making my way down the snack aisle in search of something tasty to tide me over.

I wander through aisles full of snacks that catch my eye: chocolate, cookies, and candy bars are all I can think about now as they call out to me from their bright packaging. The only thing stopping me is it’s not healthy for you with so many preservatives added into them which makes impulse buying even harder despite how good they smell!

So, as I decide and say to myself, “No, NO, NO! Nothing  unhealthy for me!” I go to turn my cart around and then BOOM. Just like that – like a bomb going off there he was!

This “Tall Drink” of water. This guy was built like a Mac truck. He had muscles bulging from everywhere and skin that looked as though it were sculpted out of pure gold, with his chiseled jaw bringing the entire package together in its flawlessness. His hair fell just above his dark brown eyes which shone brighter than any star I’d ever seen before – he truly took my breath away! (P.S. – No snack has ever done that to me before. But, I have never seen a snack like this fine man – lol)

So, not to look too obvious. I stall a bit and move slowly towards him. As I move in closer. This gorgeous man stood at least six feet tall; maybe even taller if shoes could add to someone’s height? Despite this fact, however – or perhaps because of it – every time he moved I felt minuscule, as I moved toward him. But, OMG did I ever keep moving in-closer. As I grew closer I could feel every inch of my exposed skin cum alive, as I drew close to him under the warmth emanating off his golden flesh and it made goosebumps rise all over my body.

Now merely directly in front of him, I stood. My feet were frozen in place. I could not help but get caught up in his gaze that had me hypnotized as he looked deep into my eyes. He says with a deep south draw, “Hi Ya. You finding anything good to snack on?”

I can’t speak and all I can think is “This guy is huge!” Now, that I am closer I can see these strong muscles bulging out of every corner on his arms to the toned stomach underneath his fitted tee-shirt. The way our gazes lock onto each other, it’s hard for me to look away.

It was like as soon as we locked eyes, something about him made butterflies in my belly flutter everywhere (my heart included). His smile sent warmth through every part of me.

Sexy Young Gay Man with muscular Body Sitting on Bike - Nasty Desire Magazine


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