Monday, August 15, 2022

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The Sexy Granny Next-Door

This older lady was my next-door neighbor. I often helped her with various chores, from the time she moved in all those years ago.


I was at home, taking a nap in my room. My alarm clock went off and I looked at the time: 3pm. I had just enough time to clean up before going over to Mrs. Luger’s house for our weekly cleaning session. She was an older woman who lived alone and it wasn’t uncommon for me to stop by every day just to check on her or help her with something around the house- especially since she didn’t have any children of her own anymore. It always made me feel good inside that I could do this one thing for someone else, even if I didn’t really know what she was benefiting until one day she asked me inside to sit a spell and relax while she made me a meat sandwich and a tall glass of cold iced tea.

The truth? Well, let’s not get into too many of the details. We were very close friends, but there was a deep truth about my love for her that no one knew of but me.

I watched her body move while she made me the snack. It was too hot for her to be wearing such a tight shirt, but I didn’t want to interrupt her as she leaned over the counter making my sandwich. With each motion of the knife cutting into tomatoes, I could feel the heat rising off of them in waves so that even though it wasn’t anywhere near boiling outside, I felt like beads of sweat were forming on my forehead under my hat.

“Here you go,” she said with a smile as she put the plate down before me and sat down across from me at the little table. “Thanks,” I said.

Sexy Granny in Lingerie
Sexy Granny in Lingerie

I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her body. I watched her every move, while I slowly took each bite. She had the most exquisite little feet, and a perfectly round ass that I wanted to try out for myself. The way she walked reminded me of a lazy cat, each movement fluid and deliberate. There was no denying it; this little old lady was sex on legs, even if she didn’t know it yet herself.

As, I sat there taking smaller and smaller bites to by my time. She gets up and exits the kitchen and stops briefly and motions her hand to me in a come here, cum to me boy. I dropped my sandwich and the bite I still held in my mouth rolled out of my mouth and fell to the plate below.

I followed her down the hallway from behind with hungry eyes until she made it very apparent–she was leading me to her bedroom. When she reached the bedroom door, she pushed it open and said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Enter my little pleasure palace. I was so excited that I stumbled over the uneven carpeting due to the throw rug and gracefully fell onto the bed in surprise. She rushed forward to help steady me, as she did so I was able to catch the briefest glimpse of what lay beneath her clothing: long dark hair spilling freely between creamy thighs and breasts plump enough to satisfy even the hungriest of thirsty men.

Like, I said, “I’m not going to tell you about what happened that late afternoon. I mean, yeah, it was great!

We started out on the bed having sex and moved onto her couch in the living room while trying to act like we were interested in watching Netflix. Then after commercial breaks were over we moved into the bedroom again where things got more passionate than they already had been.

So, that is all I am gonna give you!



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